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Left 4 Dead 3? What is With Valve and the Number 3?

First off, what I want from Valve is to make this damn game!! Oh, and Half-Life 3. Now that's out of the way. It is just so bizarre. This company has been begged for Portal 3, Left 4 Dead 3 and of COURSE Half-Life 3. For more on the latest information on Half-Life 3 you can check out this article here! So what is their issue with making a third instalment in a franchise that sells well and is adored?

With Left 4 Dead 3, it of course has its rumours, though in comparison to other titles the leaks and information are very interesting. For many these leaks have kept fan's spirits high in terms of seeing a return from the franchise. Let's do a recap on what we've heard.

Counter Strike co-creator Minh Le has just been an insane source of information regarding Left 4 Dead 3 and Half-Life 3. He claims to have seen work from both of them and additionally states that everyone supposedly knows that Half-Life 3 is being worked on. Ehh, no we don't Le! Le previously worked with Left 4 Dead developer Valve Corporations and started the rumours of Left 4 Dead 3 by stating "It wouldn't be any news if I said yes, I saw it. It looks great."

Left 4 Dead 3
Left 4 Dead 3
"So I was really excited when I saw that. I was like 'Wow, this looks great.' I really enjoyed Left 4 Dead. It was just one of those games that really changed the industry because I think at the time there weren't many good co-op games, so it was like, 'Yeah, this is a great co-op game' - Minh Le

Another piece of evidence that set off speculations was a YouTube video posted by Valve, where illustrator Andrea Wicklund accidentally revealed some "Left 4 Dead 3" files as she went through her computer.

Valve have their new Source 2.0 engine and it seems they've been running a few tests for Left 4 Dead 3 with it. They've recreated an area from the previous game and the image was leaked online and looks incredible!

Left for Dead 3
Left for Dead 3

The release of this game is contingent upon the functionality of Source 2.0, as is Half-Life 3 as they will surely be available for our NextGen consoles and PCs. Could these images merely be a remastering of Left 4 Dead 2 for NextGen? It is possible and it also sounds pretty cool! But we would much prefer a brand new game, Valve.

So with all that aside, what would you guys like to see from Left 4 Dead 3?


I would love it if they returned to the dark, grim and creepy aesthetics they had in the initial game as opposed to the sunny southern setting of Left 4 Dead 2. Though Left 4 Dead 2 had the Hard Rain campaign introduced to the series which had a storm that lowered visibility and it worked quite well. More of these adverse weather situations would be a great inclusion!

Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead

More Maps & More Guns

I want to see an insane arsenal in Left 4 Dead 3! Every kind of gun that you could imagine, hell throw the Portal gun in there for a laugh! I'd have zombies falling through portals that exit on the side of a skyscraper and watch them fall. Okay, that's not going to happen but a larger arsenal would be a great update!

In terms of maps, I'd love to see some larger areas to run around in. The spaces in these games are quite tight and just a few larger maps would contribute a new dynamic to the game that we haven't really experienced before. Maybe even take that snow setting everyone is talking about for Half-Life 3 and have some of the missions set in heavy snowstorms. Seeing zombies emerge from heavy snowfall feet away would be terrifying!

More Characters!

I'd love to see a whole new host of playable characters, I'm not so sure whether I'd change the 4 player dynamic though. 4 is kind of that perfect number, anymore and the maps are actually going to need sufficient increases in size so we can navigate during the campaign. Of course we have the 8 player versus mode, but I'm talking about campaign here.

Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead

Maybe the original survivors could return? They were a blast! The characters in Left 4 Dead 2 felt a little less interesting compared to the originals, so a return to form would be much appreciated!

All in all I really trust Valve in terms of creating fresh new experiences out of franchises. Maybe that's why they don't make third instalments, they don't want a great formula to become bland. Makes a lot of sense...but I still want them to make these games!


If asked would you pick Left 4 Dead 3 or Half-Life 3?


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