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When it comes to history, there are a few fundamental truths that seem to underpin the whole thing. It repeats itself, say. It's written by the victors. That sort of thing.

It seems as though we're about to have to add another fundamental truth to the list - History is way cooler when all of the participants are also Pokemon.

Need proof? Welcome to the wonderful world of Presidential Pokemon, in which a whole load of US presidents have - through the awesome art of Etsy's Brandon Dayton - somehow found themselves transmogrified into adorable Pokemon.


The Great Tongue-mancipator himself, Abe Lincoln

Whose talent for licking slavery's supporters has here become a horrifying, yet adorable, reality.

George Washington, Who Couldn't Tell a Lie (That He Was a Turtle)

We kid, we kid. That whole 'I cannot tell a lie, pa' cherry tree story is an urban legend - whereas he totally was a turtle.

Richard Nixon, Who Looked Very Different When He Took Off His Mask

And was, coincidentally, a dead ringer for Charizard...

The First President from the State of New York (and a Mewtwo), Martin Van Buren

Which makes the fact that he was the first President to not speak English as his first language make a whole lot more sense. Except that he spoke Dutch, as a child, and not...Mewtwonian?

On a more adorable note, though...

Andrew Jackson, Who Couldn't Be Any Cuter If He Tried

Which is funny, because he totally killed a guy in a duel. We're betting it was a Pidgeot...

The Rockily Distinguished Grover Cleveland

Clearly he's set to oppose political corruption and high tariffs with...his gravelly fists?

The Utterly Devastating Jimmy Carter

Who, sure, had a bad time in office, but this is just too upsettingly cute (and sad)...

And, of course...

President Pikachu...

Who we're fairly sure was actually President, as opposed to James K. Polk. Although that would also mean that Pikachu died of cholera three months after his term ended... we've been overloaded with cute. It might be time for a nice quiet sit down, before we realize we can order these awesome pictures as prints right here.

Ah, Dagnamnit.


What do you guys think? Who's the cutest?

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