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Great news! We're less than three months away from the release of the final installment of the Middle Earth films! [The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies](movie:512312) will be released on December 17th and I cannot wait. Thankfully, Air New Zealand has softened the blow of having to wait a further 55 days with their latest inflight safety video.

This isn't the only time Air New Zealand has made a Hobbit themed safety video, releasing the first one shortly before The Hobbit: An Unexpected Adventure premiered in 2012. But this time, I happen to think they've out done themselves!

Fili tells us how to put our seatbelt on

Radagast the Brown tells us about oxygen masks

The One Ring makes an appearance!

Infant life jackets are demonstrated by a Hobbit-sized Elijah Wood

Finally, Sir Peter Jackson tells us to turn off our electronic devices

The video is filled to the brim with amazing cameos, scenery, and of course, Hobbit special effects. It's definitely one safety briefing that I'd pay close attention to!

Watch the full video below:


Would you pay closer attention to a safety video if it were Hobbit themed?

Source: Air New Zealand Youtube


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