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Warning: Huge Walking Dead comic book and TV show spoilers coming up.

What is Father Gabriel up to? Rick has already clocked that the man of the cloth is hiding something, while "Carl Scene Investigation" turned up some interesting clues as to what might have gone down outside the church.

So what is Gabriel's secret? And what does it mean for Rick and the gang?

Knock, and it will (not) be opened to you

If you think that Gabriel isn't quite as pious as he makes out, then you'd be right. There's a reason this preacher has survived so long in the zombie apocalypse without once having to spill blood and it's not because "the word of God is the only protection he needs."

The real reason Gabriel has remained unscathed is quite simple: he's a coward.

He's not a tough guy
He's not a tough guy

Carl almost solved the whole thing when he found the scratch marks and the message "You will burn for this" on the outside of the church. Gabriel's dark secret is one of betrayal and weakness: he turned away his flock and those looking for sanctuary in his church when the undead started to roam the earth.

In the comics, he tells Rick the story of locking the church doors and listening to the dying screams of the men, women, and children being eaten alive outside. They came to his church looking for salvation, but what they found was a locked door and deaf ears.

The screams of the dying went on for days, until one day... silence.

What I haven't worked out though, is the role of the female water walker that Gabriel knew pre-apocalypse. Was she his wife? A lover? Organ teacher? And did he abandon her the same way he did his congregation?

Is he a threat to the group now?

What this means for the group now at the church is unclear. With the Hunters/Termites outside and thirsty for bloody revenge it's a possibility he might try to give up Rick and the rest in exchange for his own safety. But that would be a very stupid - and suicidal - decision to make.

My guess is he will continue to survive in much the same way he always has: by cowering in the corner and avoiding all violence and horror.

It's worked ok for him so far.


Is Gabriel a threat to the group?


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