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Zach Galifianakis has officially made Between 2 Ferns my absolute favorite segment of all time. I don't know what is more impressive; the fact that Barack Obama appeared on the show, or the self-proclaimed king of the world himself, Justin Bieber!

For anyone who hasn't seen the segment, you're in for a real, cringe-worthy treat! Just be prepared to dismiss your evening plans as you find yourself (as I did) mass consuming them all in one sitting.

Favorite Quote (though there are many!)

Zach: Is it difficult for you to get a sun-tan?
Brad: No. Why?
Zach: Because you live in your wife's shadow.

I'm absolutely loving this new wave of celebrities subjecting themselves to public humiliation. I'm almost convinced they're real people.

Jimmy Kimmell is also jumping on board the celeb-shaming train, for which we thank him. Here is one of my personal faves from the massively popular segment: Celebrities Read Mean Tweets. I think my fondness of this segment is sadistically based on the 50% chance the audience reacts with utter silence after a tweet is read. Bring on the cringe!

Favorite Quote:

Justin Bieber: Dear God give us back Tupac and we'll give you Justin Bieber.

I sincerely hope no Beliebers are reading this. If so, please don't follow me on Twitter. We won't get along.

Do you have any other great examples of celebrities ego-bashing themselves for our pleasure? Please feel free to share below! I'm relying on you to help me ruin any chances of a productive evening :)


Which Segment is Funnier?


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