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Bollywood since its inception has always put an effort to intricate a tale of relationship between different people who are of Indian mentality and have indian cultures because,of course no guessing in this,movies made in bollywood is of,by and for the Indian people, films are made to woo indian audience(mostly)and not just in India but also for Indian people living all around the world. The highlights of Bollywood movies is always on relation whether its about a relationship between families,couples or friendship.

One such movie that showcase strong relation between two friends is DOSTI (friendship) released on 6 november 1965. The main focus of the movie was on two friends - Mohan, who is blind and begs on road by singing songs and Ramu, a handicapped who dreams to complete his studies but was forced to beg on road due to certain misfortune, and how their love and friendship for each other evolves throughout,the film is all about.Needles to say the movie won all the awards it was nominated for and was a box office hit.

No one can expressed the feeling it arouse in one's heart after watching the movie by simply putting pen to paper or in this case by writing online, one literally have to watch the film her/himself to get the experience 1st hand and how I would be feeling when i watched this on my T.V. because as usual i m a 21 century girl. This movie is a pure classic and it is now 1 of my favorites.

A song from the film which is very heartening and melodious. Bollywood is famous for its song and dance in their movies.

P.S.- another movie with the same name "Dosti" was made in bollywood in 2005 but I m not discussing about that here, so don't mix it or get confused.


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