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Many remember a couple of films that were released called The Collector (2009) and The Collection (2012). If you thought those films were disturbing, well this story is even creepier. The most common "collector" urban legend is that of the weirdo neighbor that collected human body parts and proudly displayed them throughout their home in Mason jars. The story of Russian historian Anatoly Moskvin is way worse.

He was very well known in academic circles, and he published several books. This historian had a very disturbing love for the dead. It was found that he was not a well liked member of his community, so maybe they knew something about him that law enforcement had yet to discover.

Moskvin stole at least 29 corpses from dozens of cemeteries in towns east of Moscow. He only stole the corpses of young females. When he got the remains home, he turned them into dolls, faceless dolls. He would dress all of them differently and wigs on them. He would pose the dolls in different places around his three room apartment.

This real life collector was arrested on November 8, 2011 when police responded to a call to his apartment building due to a rotting smell coming from Moskvin's apartment. After his arrest, he met with several psychiatrists. During these meetings, he confessed to being obsessed with the dead after kissing a dead girl when he was a young boy. They later determined that he suffered from situational fetishism and that he was a necrophiliac.

This story proves that no matter how well known or educated someone is, they may be harboring one morbidly dark secret.


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