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So, my favorite episode of Funny or Die's unorthodox and super-hilarious interview show "Between Two Ferns" with Zach Galifianakis is still the one with the entire world's favorite person to hate on. Of course I'm talking about Justin Bieber, who is somehow Canada's best AND worst import to the States (sorry Drake). A close second to that one is the most recent (and pretty historical) interview with President Barack Obama, who surprisingly defended himself really well while improvising on his feet.

But yesterday, Funny or Die released Zach's latest interview with Brad Pitt, a fairly easy target for this kind of thing, and he's now up there with the Biebs and B-Rock as one of the biggest A-listers to appear on "Between Two Ferns". He's handsome, accomplished, obviously super famous, and in Zach's mind, needs to be taken down a peg.

Check out Brad and Zach's conversation below:

Zach kicks it off by pretending to address someone off camera, saying:

"No, I'm just saying that I interviewed the President last time, and now I have to, y'know, go back to interviewing dumb actors. That's all I'm saying. No, it's fine, it's fine, he's a big star."

He refers to Pitt as "Bradley Pitts", and the graphics team had some fun too, purposely butchering Pitt's name and mini-bio...

At this point, it's become an honor to get on the show with Zach, but it's definitely turned into a game - the goal is to try to not get overly flustered, but it's not nearly as easy as it sounds. Zach seems almost born for this segment. He's stubborn, he's arrogant, he's over-the-top, and he really doesn't seem to give a damn about the people he interviews. While most interviewers try to keep celebrities comfortable in media situations, Zach literally does the exact opposite.

He goes on to ask Pitt about "Furry", purposely mistaking the pronunciation to [Fury](movie:866294), Pitt's new film, to try to get a rise out of him. Pitt takes the whole thing in stride, especially when Zach tries to give him a large gift, which is very clearly just a giant bong and lighter in wrapping paper with a bow:

Even when Pitt gets to talking about his charity, Galifianakis puts him on blast, saying he's bored and randomly bringing out Louis C.K. to do standup and completely upstage Pitt:

The two go back and forth sharing a piece of Pitt's "last piece" of gum throughout the bit, up until Pitt spits it in Galifianakis' face and it lands perfectly, like this:

Pitt managed to keep his cool, perfectly playing the straight man to Galfianakis' lunatic. I don't know how he didn't either die laughing or get super pissed-off. But I guess that's why he's paid millions of dollars to act and I'm writing about him.

Pitt's [Fury](movie:866294) and Galifianakis's [Birdman](movie:780317) are both out in theaters now, by the way - so get on that!

(via Funny Or Die)


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