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Now that DC has killed off a major character from their respective Television Universe by killing off Sarah Lance (Black Canary), one has to wonder when Arrow will replace her. Now the version of the Black Canary we have seen thus far in Arrow is quite different from the version we read about in the comics.

In the television series the Black Canary was portrayed to be trained by the League of Assassins and to not have the ability to use the super sonic scream as she does in the comics. Instead she uses a device to deafen her opponents and shatter glass.

In the DC comic book universe know that the Wildcat (Ted Grant) trained the canary in her extraordinary fighting skills. Also in the comic book universe the Canary is extremely close to the Green Arrow and in some renditions of the story they are even married.

Now with The CW introducing Wildcat finally being introduced to the DC television universe through Arrow, my question is, will Laurel be trained by him and take over as the new Black Canary. Laurel already showed us her limited skills, yet strong desire, in fighting crime and injustices. She has shown that she is willing to take a life by pulling the trigger of an empty gun at the man she thought responsible for killing her sister. We know she is close to Oliver Queen and the rest of the crew, but will she cross that line and take her skills to the street?

Time will only tell, i suppose. Season three of Arrow looks to be one of the best that the show produces. Right now we have more questions than answers and I'm sure that is exactly what those crafty producers at CW and DC are wanting.


Is Laurel Being Trained As The New Black Canary?


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