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For those of you eagerly awaiting season 5 of GOT, ready to devour each and every rumor and leak with increasing ferocity...this article probably isn't what you were looking for, sorry...

"Why are you wasting my time with your deception?"
"Why are you wasting my time with your deception?"

Instead here is a list of names for businesses that also happen to be Game of Thrones puns for you to laugh at while you await the announcement that that scene you love is being cut from the new season for no apparent reason:

1) A bakery called GAME OF SCONES

2) A lawn-decoration business called GAME OF GNOMES

3) A telecommunications company called GAME OF PHONES (obvious I know but still kind of funny when you imagine The Hound saying "can you hear me now?" without an ear)

4) A jewelry retailer called GAME OF STONES

5) A mortuary called GAME OF BONES

6) If the Kaminoans ever wanted to rebrand, they could call their service GAME OF CLONES (I know I'm mixing franchises here, just go with it)

7) A sex shop called GAME OF MOANS

8) A banking and financial services company called GAME OF LOANS

9) A real-estate firm called GAME OF HOMES

10) A secret military project called GAME OF DRONES

11) A driving school called GAME OF CONES

12) Alternatively, an ice cream parlor called GAME OF CONES

13) A hair salon called GAME OF COMBS

14) A library or bookstore called GAME OF TOMES

15) An urban planning organization called GAME OF ZONES

C' know you giggled.
C' know you giggled.

Ok that's all I got, if you come with any I missed, throw them in the comments below!


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