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With a total of 206 votes, it is finally here! Welcome humans, mutants and inhumans to the 29th CRAVE article: The Inhuman Villains we CRAVE! This is probably going to be the hardest article I have ever done because I'm not the total Inhuman expert, so if I get something wrong just tell me in the comments, it would be much appreciated! So, lets take voice lessons, grow out our hair, and get things started!


Maximus, an Inhuman, was the second son of two of Attilan's top geneticists, Agon, the head of the ruling Council of Geneticists, and Rynda, director of the Prenatal Care Center. Subjected to the DNA-altering Terrigen Mist when he was an infant, Maximus peculiarly showed no outward sign of any mutagenic change. As he matured, he hid his developing psionic powers from the community, but was less successful at disguising his antisocial tendencies. When he was about sixteen, his elder brother Black Bolt was released from the protective chamber in which he had been confined since birth due to the destructive nature of his Terrigen mutation. One of Maximus's first responses to his brother's freedom was an unsuccessful attempt to make him release his power and prove Black Bolt could not control his sonic powers, and thus lose his freedom. A month later, Black Bolt witnessed Maximus making a treacherous pact with an emissary of the Kree, the alien race responsible for genetically accelerating the Inhumans eons before. In an attempt to stop the fleeing emissary so that he could be questioned by the ruling council, Black Bolt used his forbidden power of the quasi-sonic scream and blasted the alien ship out of the sky. When the ship crashed to earth, it landed on the parliament building, killing several key members of the Genetics Council, including the boys' parents. The reverberations of Black Bolt's voice also affected Maximus, who was standing nearby, addling his sanity and suppressing his nascent mental powers. When Black Bolt assumed the throne shortly thereafter, Maximus vowed to oppose his brother and eventually usurp his rule.

If any of you know Inhuman Villains then this choice may come as obvious, but many people don't know a lot about the Inhumans in general, so lets just roll with it. This is the classic tale of brother vs. brother (like Loki vs. Thor) which may seem repetitive, but it seems like the right way to start off the Inhuman movie. Maximus is also a crazy and smart villain (like Loki) which who doesn't like Loki? Once Tom Hiddleston moves on from Loki, Maximus could come in and be a worthy replacement. So overall, Maximus easily could fit in with an Inhuman movie, is a pretty cool character and could replace our beloved Loki when the time comes. Sounds like a worthy CRAVE even if you don't know who he is!

The Unspoken

There was once a king of the Inhumans, who ruled justly. However, he stole the Slave Engine, his people's greatest weapon, along with the Xerogen crystals it utilized, and buried them somewhere in Tibet, for fear that it would corrupt his people. This led to a duel between himself and the heir to the throne, young Blackagon Boltagar. Despite being by far the strongest of the Inhumans, moving the Slave Engine had weakened the Unspoken which led to his defeat at the hands of Blackagon and his friends. His final stipulation was that his deeds be remembered, but Black Bolt had a crueler fate in mind: the King, his deeds, and the Slave Engine itself, were written out of Inhuman history. From that day, he would be remembered only as a bogeyman to frighten small children. He would be... Unspoken.

Another great possibility for the first movie! The movie could show the rise of Black Bolt being king and defeating the Unspoken, then of course the Unspoken returns for revenge and causes all kinds of chaos. Again, that plot sounds repetitive, but the Unspoken is different. I would consider him the Doomsday of the Marvel Universe, because his fist look like Doomsday's and also he is "stronger" than anyone on Earth (which of course could be argued, but he is very strong). The Unspoken is just a cool and mysterious character who deserves the spot light and the enjoyment of kicking the crap out of the Inhumans.

Maybe they could even do a Maximus and Unspoken team-up where Maximus tricks the Unspoken into helping him, but in the end turning on him. Repetitive, but not a bad thought.

Death's Head 3.0

This might be a stretch for some people, but this is more of a personal preference. There have been many different versions of Death's Head, being involved with Transformers and Marvel, and having three different versions (I'll be talking more about Death's Head 3.0). But, overall he is a robotic bounty hunter who is just awesome.

I think he would be awesome in Inhumans 2 (if it happens) because if Ultron ends up being popular and loved, fans are going to probably want more killer robots and Death's Head could deliver. Sure it would have to be an original story because he doesn't have many stories with the Inhumans, but Marvel writers could obviously pull it off. Also, if they include Death's Head in the MCU, that means they could set up Planet Hulk, which of course is highly unlikely, but let the fans dream. And of course just look at him, just super creepy!

Do you agree with me? Do you disagree me? Do you not know anything about the Inhumans? Well tell me in the comments below, take them polls and follow me for more CRAVE articles!

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The Void (Sentry)

Corvus Glaive


If I forgot any just let me know in the comments!


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