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The story behind the little details on Don Draper’s new table in his living room. In season 5 of Mad Men, Don Draper (Jon Hamm) starts his new life with Megan (Jessica Paré) in a new apartment in New York’s Upper East Side. According to an interview with set decorator Claudette Didul, Don’s new Manhattan home decor contrasts his love to the Mid-century sleek modern lines and Megan’s love for youthful colors.

His apartment furniture is a mixture of custom made items, such as his modular sofas, and vintage findings, like the glass-topped coffee table that stands in the center of his living room.

This round coffee table is from the Paris based interior decoration office Maison Jansen and was created in the 1950s in Italy. The side-table is made in the ‘Hollywood Regency' style which was popular in movies in 1930s and 1940s and particularly popular among Hollywood stars.

The style is a modern mixture of the Georgian and Regency style. Much of this interior décor was been created by silent Hollywood movie actor William Haines who later became a well known interior designer. He was also famous for giving wild parties with starlets like Joan Crawford or Greta Garbo.

Picture Source & Copyrigts by Deja Vue Long Beach
Picture Source & Copyrigts by Deja Vue Long Beach

Back to Don’s table: Set decorator Claudette Didul bought the coffee table from the vintage store Deja vu, in Long Beach. If you take a closer look on the metal frame that has hoofed feet and four ram heads that are carrying the glass table top, you notice all the nicely, little crafted details.

The rams head in particular is a nice symbol for Don’s stubborn nature and bullish, eager to achieve any goal even when he has to run his head against a wall, attitude.

I don’t know for sure if the Mad Men creators chose this table with all of this in mind, but I think it’s a nice little trivia and reasonable assumption.

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