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What is the perfect season for the undead? With the walking dead series airing and Halloween on the doorstep, undead fans are getting their fill. We here at Gotham City Memes want to help make your undead season perfect!

Undead Loot
Undead Loot

Includes: Zombie Blood Splatter Beanie, Mini Walking Dead Poster, and Slash and Bite Tattoos!

To Win: Visit our page, contest is pinned to top, extremely easy to enter (up to 4 entries) like/comment/share/tag a friend.
Movie Pilot fans we will include you in the giveaway! All you have to do is comment anything love about Walking Dead below and you will be added to our list of contestants!

Brought to by GothamCityMemes & Movie Pilots <3

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Admin: WonderWoman


What is your favorite season thus far?


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