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So by now the internet might be calming down after it went up in flames last night with the [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) trailer being officially released by Marvel a week early. There are many things to talk about within the trailer from the twins, Ultron, and the Hulkbuster. The biggest question I've seen and heard is just who is Andy Serkis playing?! There are a lot rumors saying he is a completely new character and others saying he is one of Marvels biggest villains. I personally would go with the latter that's right i truly believe Andy Serkis is playing Klaw, Black Panther's biggest threat. This is the most logical way to bring in the Black Panther by bringing his first enemy and deadliest into the picture but how will he connect to Ultron? In the comics it is Ultron who frees Klaw from the prison in which he is being held after being imprisoned by the Black Panther in the process losing his arm. I believe Ultron will need Klaw to obtain the Vibranium he desires to be complete and indestructible. This is why Ultron travels to Wakanda which might be where most of the trailer is set and probably a big portion of the movie.

yes i see it now!
yes i see it now!

You might be asking yourself well how does Ultron actually know about Klaw and Vibranium is out there in Wakanda. This is where everything will come full circle from Captain America The First Avenger. In the trailer we get a glimpse of Captain back in WWII in a flashback which might explain Ultron's first creation. The synopsis reads that Tony launches a dormant project which is Ultron so we might get to see the first prototype of this but maybe more? I believe we will also be introduced to Klaws father Fritz Klaue who was a Nazi colonel during WWII more than likely a right hand man of the Red Skull. This is where we will be first introduced to Wakanda as the Colonel might have traveled there to retrieve Vibranium for H.Y.D.R.A. and their experimentation they had going. I believe captain will have remembered the name and they will find it in the archives somewhere thus leading Ultron as well to collect the information. He will travel to Wakanda when he finds out that Fritz son Ulysses is still alive a.k.a Klaw and will have him retrieve the Vibranium in exchange for a new arm for Ulysses that will serve as a weapon more than anything for his revenge. Through the process of retrieving the Vibranium though they will have completely destroyed Wakanda this would set up perfectly for a Black Panther movie. This is just my idea and two cents on who Andy Serkis will be playing and how it could fit into the whole M.C.U. What do you think comment below!


Is Andy Serkis Klaw?


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