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You know what scares me? Everything. That is not an exaggeration. I banned scary movies eight years ago and I have never been happier (or saner). While horror movies and I don't get along, one of the best scenes I recall from my horror watching days is Danny's tricycle scene in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, easily one of the best horror movies ever. I should know. I have watched about ten of them.

Just in time for Halloween, Ikea has released an ad following the same lines of the tricycle scene only this time, is late at night at one of their stores.

If you have not seen The Shining - and you really should - the scene takes place early on in the movie when Danny is exploring the vacant hotel by going on a ride on his tricycle. With a tight uncut shot of Danny rolling into every room, the suspense increases with every turn he takes, never knowing really what he will encounter at the end of every corridor. And then he does. The twins.

The scene is chilling and memorable, especially because of the lack of jump scares and the attention to detail to every sound the tricycle makes as it rolls from hardwood floors to carpeted hallways. Apart from the squeaks from the pedals and wheels, the silence is deafening and to this day it still makes me feel uneasy.

I was surprised to see that Ikea's fantastic video, promoting late night shopping, was still quite spooky. Taking some tips from Kubrick's directing, the video is a bit scary, nostalgic and has a really cute ending to it.

Just don't watch the movie after this video. The ending is not as happy. Don't get mad. That's not a spoiler. You should see that coming.


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