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Earlier this week it was announced that a new face will be joining the cast of FOX's Gotham, as Morena Baccarin takes on the role of Dr Leslie Thompkins. Well known from the comic books and animated tv series, this younger version of Leslie promises to be interesting, and the casting choice suggests that there will be some romance in her future on the show!

As Inara
As Inara

Baccarin is probably best known to nerdom from her role in Firefly as the companion Inara, and for many, it is a role that cemented her status as a sex symbol. She has also appeared in Stargate SG-1 and more recently, Homeland. Definitely experienced with the sultry roles, this may add a new element to a character who is usually seen as a much older, comparatively sexless woman.

Dr Leslie

Comic Book Dr Leslie
Comic Book Dr Leslie

In the comic books (and animation), she is a doctor devoted to the down-and-out population of Gotham, and we will see this in her work at Arkham in the tv show. I would also expect her to do some amount of street-level outreach, as she has a friendship (of sorts) with Catwoman in the comics, and Selina Kyle is currently a street kid in Gotham. This would be the perfect time to introduce the two, and start building a relationship that will last through the years.

Jim Gordon

There are also some murmurings about the possibility of her playing a love interest for Jim Gordon in the series, which is a distinct possibility. It is clear that there are some issues simmering under the surface of Jim and Barbara's relationship, and many hints have been dropped about the path of their true love being less-than-smooth. It wouldn't surprise me at all if Dr Leslie's work (and possibly a connection to Selina Kyle) brings her into contact with Jim Gordon, and either a temptation, flirtation, or full-blown affair ensues.


Another possibility for the division of Jim and Barbara (and one that I would find far more interesting), is that Leslie's work brings her into contact with Barbara, and it is there that the affair develops. It has already been made clear that Barbara has had at least one relationship with a woman, and her drug problem may find her in the slums of Gotham where she meets the doctor.

Alfred Pennyworth

A third option, and my personal favorite, is that Dr Leslie may actually be the love interest for Alfred. It's clear in the books that after the death of the Waynes, she becomes something of a mother-figure for the orphaned Bruce, and with Alfred as a father-figure, what could be more natural? It's worth noting that they are a similar age, and both are very much caregivers who are unafraid of the worst that Gotham has to offer. Leslie would seem to be a perfect romantic possibility for Alfred, and as he is much younger in the show, I would love to see more of his character. He is fascinating, and the idea of really seeing him as a man, and not just Batman's butler is one that I could absolutely get on board with.

However they decide to play the character, I am thrilled to see another woman joining the adults at play in Gotham city, especially a wonderful actress like Morena.


Who would you like to see Dr Leslie Thompkins with in Gotham?


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