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Movies, Television, Books, they are all made better with a superhero or two.
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With DC/Warner Bros. finally becoming relevant in the cinematic realm of entertainment, and Marvel Studios/Disney still being a forerunner with a plan to try and remain on top of the movie industry, the question is who will emerge on top in the next few years.

Marvel Studios/Disney

Marvel has a clear plan put into action and has made history with The Avengers by putting a superhero team with huge individual names and big actors on the big screen. Granted X-men and Fantastic Four did come first but who is Storm or Cyclops and Mr. Fantastic or the Human Torch without their respective teams. They made individual movies for their characters, minus Black Widow and Hawkeye, did well and then put them all on the silver screen to make a historical big screen team up movie. After establishing this team, they then move on to the Guardians of The Galaxy team up movie and continue to make the production of superhero movies look way to easy. Captain America 3 with Robert Downy Jr. as Iron Man, this is going to be huge. It even looks like now Spider-man may even be coming home to the Marvel Studios, since Sony doesn't know what to do with the most recognizable Marvel Character of all time. As far as I can tell Marvel Studios can do no wrong and are coming out of the gate with a BIG head start.

DC/Warner Bros. Studios

While DC has not really been able to show any sort of solid consistency when it comes to superhero movies they are showing that there is at least a plan in motion now. DC has the most recognizable superheroes of all time and they are not afraid to use them. If I asked 100 random non-fanboys to name me a superhero, most of the time people will say one of two names Batman or Superman. These two superheroes have invaded the world of television and movies more times than any other hero combination, which is probably why they decided to bring these two names to their first real test of Marvel Studios in Batman vs. Superman. With Justice League release date scheduled for 2017 it will be interesting to see how they will compete in the box office results.

20th Century Fox

I guess most of you probably forgot about these guys, didn't you? Yeah these guys have what is most likely the best storyline going with the X-Men. They are definitely in the lead as far as story lines go and not having to reboot and recast the X-Men due to their terrific movie, Days of Future Past. With the X-Men you can have so many good team up and individual movies with a variety of different characters, including the villains like Magneto.My only real concern with 20th Century Fox is that Hugh Jackman is playing an ageless character of the Wolverine and while he is a good actor, I don't believe he can do this forever. Now the original two Fantastic Four movies, at least in my opinion, were excellent movies and were given up on way too quickly. That being said it is hard to make a good Fantastic Four movie due to the fact that they are more explorers than superheroes. With the Fantastic Four reboot and the phenomenal X-men series, they can be put right into the conversation for the best. Oh and did I mention they own the rights to DEADPOOL, which is needless to say an almost unavoidable certainty.

Sony Pictures

Honestly i wasn't even going to mention this studio, but felt a little like a bully and that is the one thing I just don't want to be. These people really set the standard for the modern day successful superhero movie with Toby Macguire as Spider-man. Since Spider-Man 2, though, the studio has failed over and over again, with only a little light on the Amazing Spider-Man, only to be put out by the sequel. I'm not saying Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a bad movie, it was just not as good as it could have been. Now it looks like they've bit off more than they can chew with this Sinister Six spinoff talk. Sony would just be good to sell ALL Spider-Man rights to Marvel Studios or at least work out a partnership with them. This is just not what they are good at.

Who do you think will be the overall winner in the box office????


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