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Welcome to Oa

Oa from Green Lantern
Oa from Green Lantern

Do you know of the Green Lanterns Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and/or Kyle Rayner? No?! Lucky for you, humans have the Internet. Go on. Open the links I have embedded. I will still be here.

Hopefully you have learned a thing or two from those links. Hal Jordan: a test pilot. John Stewart: an architect. Kyle Rayner: an artist.What do they all have in common? Well just that they are Green Lanterns really. They are also legendary. Hal Jordan is considered one of the best Green Lanterns. John Stewart was marked as one of the next Green Lanterns from birth. Kyle Rather can do things other Lanterns cannot.

The Green Lanterns - DC COMICS
The Green Lanterns - DC COMICS

Justice League

Well, let us discuss one of the most legendary teams: the Justice League. Back to Earth now! In October 2014, Warner Brothers came out with their huge master plan. Here are the possible films Green Lantern can appear in:

  • [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870)
  • Justice League Part One
  • Justice League Part Two
  • Green Lantern (of course)
Justice League - DC COMICS
Justice League - DC COMICS

Hal Jordan

Founding member Hal Jordan is who I expect to see in Batman vs. Superman and Justice League. Executive producer Geoff Johns will push it! He is not just the founding member of the Justice League New 52, but also the founding member of the very first Justice League. That is special. So special.

My personal opinion? Go with John Stewart. As Superman said to Zod: HAL HAD HIS CHANCE! (Actually it was "Krypton had its chance!") However, Hal is still awesome and legendary.

Green Lantern John Stewart - DC COMICS
Green Lantern John Stewart - DC COMICS

John Stewart

Then how about John Stewart? He is awesome!

I know you might have these thoughts in mind:

  • John? Ugh, he's a boring character.
  • This is just a diversity gimmick.

I cannot change those opinions. That is why they could and should have two or more Green Lanterns in the Justice League Two-Parter.

Some people like Hal more and others like John more. They are both known to be "the most popular Green Lantern" but I doubt there is any evidence.

END the Hal versus John arguments!

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner - DC Comics
Green Lantern Kyle Rayner - DC Comics

This guy is the wild card Green Lantern of the DC Universe. He is young and special. He can harness the SPECTRUM...for a little bit. (The SPECTRUM is having all the rings on at the same time.)

He will probably not be a founding Justice League member. If Ezra Miller turns out to be Wally West, Kyle and Wally would make a great Flash/Green Lantern duo. In the comics they were best friends.

If this helps:

Hal Jordan: Barry Allen: Kyle Rayner: Wally West

Kyle could cameo in the Flash solo movie...but who knows (besides Harrison Wells, who is from the future)?


  • Batman v Superman - Hal Jordan
  • Justice League Part One - Hal Jordan
  • Justice League Part Two - John Stewart
  • Green Lantern (Corps) - Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and Guy Gardner

Or something like that. The point is: THEY CAN COEXIST. In the plan above, I am not implying that Hal is better than John. Nor am I implying that any Lantern is better than another.

Why is it that the Justice League is cast, except for Green Lantern? Either the actor is sworn to secrecy, they have not found an actor, or they are doing exactly this plan.

Benefits of this plan:

  • More Green Lanterns on film!
  • Actors to do less movies, meaning DC does not have to find unknown actors and sign them to long contracts. Instead DC can cast popular actors like Idris Elba, Chris Pine, and whoever you guys always fancast
  • Cinematic Hal Jordan redemption
  • First John Stewart cinematic appearance
  • Having Green Lanterns appear in future team-up movies

I am not forgetting Simon Baz. It would not be right if he was the main Green Lantern. It would seem very forced as he is a new character who does not have a huge or growing fan base. And do not get me started on Guy...if you like him, cool. Donna Parker? She was not a Lantern for long. Jade? Maybe. Jessica Cruz? I do not know at this point.

Forgive me if I am forgetting any other human Green Lanterns; there have been so many.


Who is likely to be the founding member of the JL (DCCU)?


Do you think multiple Green Lanterns will appear in the DC Cinematic Universe?

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