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Who doesn't know The Badshah of Bollywood- Shah Rukh Khan. who was honoured with the Légion d'honneur—France's highest civilian honour—on 1 July 2014,also with The Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the Government of France in 2007 for his contribution to films. He was also awarded with the highest award given by the government of India- Padma Shri. Shah Rukh Khan also received various other awards for his contribution towards humanitarian causes such as- UNESCO'S Pyramide con Marni award.

So, hopefully everybody will now know or atleast can guess whom i m talking about. Thus, I m listing some of his best performances, i .e. movies, he has done. Though he has started his career in acting in 1988 but his big break came in 1992 and since then,there's no stopping him.

This is his debute movie and he even won the best actor debute award that year.Though he was the 2nd lead, however, his performance was more appreciated than the main lead.

This is the 1st film where he enacted the character of anti-hero and won many accolades for his performance,similar to his previous film Deewana he was applaused more than the lead hero Sunny Deol, which upset him so much that Sunny never made any other film with SRK till date.

This film changed the career of Shah Rukh totally along with the view of the audiences towards romantic featured films. The movie has completed 20 years and is still running in single theater in Mumbai.

As i have already written about it,i dont think i need to explain more.

He proves again and again why he is consider the god of Romanic movies.

I m wordless and speechless as to what to say about this film.Pure magic.

His own production. He was the producer of this film.

A story about a married man to make his wife fall in love with him.

The most colourful movie ever. Simply loved it.

Its all about loving your family.

These are the few selected movies that i have choosen according to my likes but there are many more films which is good too.


What other SRK movies do you like or do you like any of the movies mentioned above,


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