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We've seen a lot of fan tributes to [The Walking Dead](series:201193) over the show's 5 season run. Whether it's been totally original work or some fantastic mash ups, we've seen and loved them all, and now there's a completely different fan tribute and it's pretty rock n' roll.

Young drummer and YouTube star, Dylan Taylor, loves doing covers of popular songs, and this time he's given The Walking Dead theme his royal cover treatment!

But before you go thinking this is just some musician cashing in on a hugely popular TV series, think again! Dylan is a huge fan of the show, just take a look at his shirt:

Combine that with the intensity in his performance and it's pretty evident he's a Walking Dead fan from way back:

But don't just stop at the GIFs, watch and listen to the whole amazing thing for yourself!

How good was that? Dylan Taylor is awesome!


If you just can't get enough of the Walking Dead theme song, why not check out some other fan covers?

Try this electric guitar cover from Jake Eliot:


Or this amazing violin cover and re-imagining by Marc-André Gautier:


Or this piano cover by YouTuber JNOOg3n:

Man there are a lot of talented people out there, those are great! It's so cool when a fan takes their love of the show to a whole new level like that. I'm sure Rick and the gang would heartily approve.

Make sure you tune into The Walking Dead, Sundays on AMC.


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