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Big in Japan
Jess O'Kane

Watching a sci-fi movie, it's not unusual to lose a sense of reality. But if you ever needed a reminder of just how completely massive some of the most famous spaceships really are, Imgurian devocation has you covered.

Using the Eiffel Tower as a point of comparison, devocation illustrates the true scale of ships from Halo, Mass Effect and Star Wars. While the Eiffel Tower is 324 meters high, the Death Star clocks in at a gigantic 160 kilometers. That's over 3 times as large.

The most diminutive ship is Halo's UNSC Remembrance, at a mere 536 meters. But the Halo series also gifted us with the biggest ship of all: Mantle's Approach, which measures 371 kilometers across.

That's a big ship.

devocation's illustrations have been compiled into this cool GIF, which provides handy visual reference for some of the genre's best and most threatening modes of transportation. Check it out below:

(Source: Sploid)


Are you surprised by how big some of these are?


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