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Lindsay Lohan has leapt out of nowhere to offer support to a Brazilian presidential candidate who has a shady past with narcotics that parallels the controversial actress' own brushes with the law.

In a Tweet that the high priestess of Adderall threw up and then swiftly deleted, Lilo simultaneously endorsed Aécio Neves and single-handedly spawned her very own Brazilian meme.

According to Buzzfeed, Aécio Neves can't get enough of the party circuit and isn't a stranger to South America's most notorious nostril powder.

Neves was involved in a political scandal where 4.5 TONS of cocaine was discovered on a helicopter (it felt dangerous just typing that sentence!) that was owned by his company and belonged to one of his political allies.

A slippery little source close to Lilo told TMZ that the troubled actress is showing support for Neves, because she has been on a few business trips to Brazil and one of her “good contacts” in the country thinks he should win over his opponent Dilma Rousseff.

It's best not to try and crawl too far into Lohan's mind, for the sake of your sanity, so check out the best meme instead!



Do you trust Lindsay Lohan's presidential advice?

(Source: Dlisted via Buzzfeed and TMZ)


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