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Jess O'Kane

The Woman in Black is a scary story, and the 2012 version starring Daniel Radcliffe was a pretty scary film. So it was a bit of a surprise to hear that the masses aren't yet satisfied with being mildly terrified.

Step in The Woman In Black: Angel of Death; a sequel that adds a dash more innocent children and a chockful of wartime gloom for good measure. Set during the Blitz, the story amps up the ante as a group of school children are evacuated from London to the fateful Eel Marsh House.

Chaperoned by Jean (Helen McCrory) and Eve (Phoebe Fox), the little darlings must avoid the forces of darkness if they are to survive. And we all know that the Woman in Black has some issues with children.

The trailer promises a slightly more intelligent sequel than most; and it can't be denied that the choice of time period and backstory is clever. Why have one innocent child when you can have thirty?

With a host of Brit acting talent on board, this will certainly be one to watch. It lands on January 2nd.


Will you be watching The Woman In Black 2?


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