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Just in time for Halloween, Key Of Awesome has released an updated version of the hit 1960's horror track The Monster Mash.

Horror movie monsters used to be harmlessly fun freaks and weirdos who would give you a good spook at the most. Horror monsters these days are different. Now they’re all puke-inducing psychos who eat people’s faces and sh*t. But, whether you like your horror monsters lame and cartoonish or horrifying and realistic, you will probably agree that this is a funny idea executed marvelously. Check it out:

Oh, what a sexy and swingin' ode to all things terrifying in the 21st century, with names like Freddy Krueger and Leatherface popping up to dismember guests!


It's safe to say that those guys nailed the hell outta that video, no?

(Source: Neatorama)


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