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Jess O'Kane

For any horror-lover, the opening scene of the first Scream film is iconic, and at the time it was nothing short of revolutionary. Just when the Slasher genre was drying up like an old husk, Wes Craven came along and completely flipped it on its head.

But just how did the cast of Scream react to being a part of this? And how did Drew Barrymore in particular enact that famous opening stabbing?

Some cool behind the scenes footage has surfaced that tell us just that. In it, Drew Barrymore is dragged, bound, hung and sits through torturous rounds of makeup and fake blood application. (Unsurprisingly, there's a lot of it).

For anyone who remembers the collective intake of breath in the cinema when Barrymore is slain by Ghostface, it's awesome to get some insights into the theatrical mind of Wes Craven himself, and the arduous practicalities of making these gruesome deaths look real.

Check out the footage below.


Does Scream still spook you nowadays?


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