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Did you ever used to watch that rather gratuitous Deadliest Warrior television show? Y'know, that Spike thing which pitted the Waffen SS against the Viet Cong or Teddy Roosevelt against Lawrence of Arabia?

Well, if you were a fan of that over-the-top pseudo-historical fantasy beat em' up show, then you're probably going to like this new web-series from Dead Pixel. Entitled Slash Up, it sees horror and movie icons duking it out for your entertainment. The first episode features a fight between Jason Voorhees and The Terminator's Sarah Connor.

Each episode features a breakdown of each character's strengths and weaknesses before they are thrown into the fiery crucible of combat. Who will emerge victorious? Well, you can watch episode 1 - and a making of the video - below:

OK, so it was kind of hokey - as are all web-series - but I can imagine this might be something people would like to see more of. If that is the case, Dead Pixels need your help, as they're currently trying to fund episode 2 via Kickstarter. Who will be locking horns next time? Well, Dead Pixels have promised a match up between Freddy Kruger and Neo.


Slash Up episode 1 was...

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