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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Time flies when you're watching early Noughties horror, apparently, because it was a full twelve years ago that Eli Roth's Cabin Fever hit cinemas.

Still, that hasn't stopped the upcoming reboot, and Roth has just confirmed that it's not just gonna be a remake, but it's gonna be shot with exactly the same script.

Now, obviously there's a lot more to a movie than the script, but this is a pretty fundamental similarity, and one that has drawn outcry from many horror fans. Some cite the unpopular shot-by-shot Gus Van Sant remake of Hitchcock's classic Psycho as proof that super-similar remakes should just slope off and die...

Cabin Fever: will the remake deliver?
Cabin Fever: will the remake deliver?

Given the obvious objections to a direct-from-original-script remake of Cabin Fever, it's only fair to give Roth a chance to offer his opinions on the choice, especially as it'll be Travis Zariwny - rather than Roth himself - directing. He told Coming Soon:

Travis had an amazing vision for my original script, and as a scary movie fan I really wanted to see it. I almost see this like re-staging a play, and I'm excited to see what ideas Travis and the cast bring to it. They're all fans of the original and want to make a film that's a new classic and I believe they will.

Hmmmm, I guess that keeping the old script will mean no waiting around in red-tape-ville in Hollywood... What do you think, horror fans?


A direct-script remake of Cabin Fever?

Source: Coming Soon


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