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Halloween is just around the corner and I'm going to show you 38 costumes from the tv world that you can choose from.

1) Lab Rat


Feeling goth? Throw on a lab coat, black boots and some spiked cuffs and transform yourself into NCIS' Forensic Specialist Abby Sciuto!

2) Bazinga

Channel Sheldon Cooper this Halloween and wear his trademark lightening bolt graphic tee, layer on a windbreaker & add a satchel to complete the look!

3) Computer Wiz

Throw on a brightly colored dress, some cute winged glasses and a sparkly hair embellishment if you want to pose as Criminal Minds' Penelope Garcia!

4) Wolowitz's Wardrobe

Pair fitted colored pants with a tucked flannel shirt over a turtleneck and add on a decorative belt buckle to get Howard's look!

5) NCIS Medical Examiners

There will be plenty of bodies to exam wearing Ducky and Palmer's medical examiner jumpsuit this Halloween!

6) Amy Farrah Fowler's Fashion

Cardigans, cardigans, cardigans! Layer on the cardigans over a button down, slap on glasses and pencil skirt and you may getting mistaken for Amy!

7) Hetty for Halloween

Don a smart suit and some black rimmed glasses to capture NCIS: Los Angeles' Henrietta “Hetty” Lange's look.

8) Pretty Penny

Search your closet for Penny's Cheesecake Factory uniform look! All you'll need is a denim skirt, white short-sleeved blouse, fitted yellow vest and apron!

9) Ravishing Raj

Have a sweater vest and a track jacket? Layer them on top of a button down tee and you've got your Raj costume!

10) Gear up

Go out, get a utility vest, sew on some patches and you're a bona fide CSI for Halloween!

11) Look like Leonard

Wear jeans, a graphic tee and a cargo coat and accessorize with a satchel and glasses to get Leonard's look!

12) Morgan and Garcia

Go as Criminal Minds' Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) and his "baby girl" Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) if you're searching for a cute couple idea. For Morgan, sport a clean shaven head, a sleek button down and a badge. For Garcia, rock your loudest and most colorful dress and accessories with black-rimmed glasses, a bow in your hair and some red lipstick.

13) Beautiful Bernie

Grab a floral dress, matching cardigan, tights, flats and a pair of glasses and voil-a!, you've transformed into Bernadette!

14) Armored Hawaiian Hotties

Bring out the heavy armor, "Five-0" style, to defend yourself against the goblins and ghouls of Halloween.

15) Sly Stalker

All you need is something big to hide behind and cell phone camera, and you can be a Stalker for halloween.

16) Crime Fighter

Sew on a few patches, and get yourself a hat, and you can look just like your favorite crime fighters on NCIS: New Orleans.

17) Cool Genius

Toby Curtis's style is unmatched - V-neck T-shirt, fedora, nice jacket and some blue jeans and you can be a genius for Halloween. Maybe forge an IQ test also.

18) Everyone's Favorite Sports Dad

Arthur McCarthy (Jack McGee), the dad on the new series The McCarthys, would be a fun character to be for any sport enthusiast. Throw on your favorite team jersey or windbreaker, white tennis shoes, black slacks and bring out that Boston accent as the cherry on top!

19) Pretty Paige

Scorpion's Paige Dineen, played by Katharine McPhee, would be a fun waitress-inspired Halloween outfit. All you need is a white collared shirt, name badge, apron and khaki skirt. Top the look off with a tray full of pastries to share with your friends.


Which TV-profile/s would you dress out like on Halloween?


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