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When is a good time to buy games from Steam?

The answer: anytime! You will just be left hopelessly broke, as every Summer has done to me for the last 3 years. Steam is a beautiful invention that has given me so many games over the years that I probably haven't even clicked on, but dem prices though!

Therefore, I felt I'd throw this up for those of you that are currently seeking a new game to dive into, something cheap, but not in terms of content. Some are from the sale, and some I simply recommend you play. Let me know if you guys find any games out there too that you think people will enjoy! Happy gaming!


Aliens Versus Predator Classic 2000

Seeing as Alien: Isolation was recently released I thought I'd give this title a small mention. An oldie certainly, but a great game nonetheless. This is on sale on Steam for 2.99!

Saints Row IV

A lot of you have more than likely had a go at this game already, but seeing as it's currently selling with a 66% mark down, I thought I'd bring to your attention! On sale for 6.79.

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A fun, creative little Indie game that I guarantee you will enjoy. And at a price of 1.40, sure you'd drop that running for the bus! Enjoy.

Tales of Maj'Ayal

Looks like he took everything from LotR for his outfit!
Looks like he took everything from LotR for his outfit!

A challenging little adventure, that is sure to match RPG fans right off the bat! Check it out online, it's currently on sale at 4.19!

Pay Day 2

The sequel to the wildly successful Pay Day, this game builds upon its predecessor and can guarantee hours of elation! It's currently enjoying a 75% mark down, going for the great price of 6.99.


So true...
So true...

From the creators of Doom, this game may not be the greatest in terms of its genre, but the driving elements are a lot of fun! And the weapons are a pleasure to fire and at the price of 4.99, sure why not!

The Forest

You are the lone survivor of a terrible plane crash and now you must continue to survive in this terrifying little horror game! Only 10.04 if you're in for fright!

Risk of Pain

This little game is a lot of fun with friends, nothing too serious, just an enjoyable way to pass the time at 6.74 on Steam!

There we have it! Also, for those cray people that haven't played these titles they are only going for 10: Star Wars KOTOR and Half-Life 2. You can have a look at all of the games that are on sale this week here!

Let me know if you find something great on Steam!


Have you played any of these games?


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