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In a recent interview with CVG, Ubisoft's Vice President Lionel Raynaud, discussed the studio's plans for [Watch Dogs](movie:1000357) 2. He emphasized that they were taking a lot of inspiration from the first Assassin's Creed.

"We had a lot of flaws in the replayability of gameplay loops and you could feel that the game [Assassin's Creed] was a first iteration. At the time, there was clear potential but it was not easy to know it was going to become the franchise that it is today," Raynaud said. "It's the same thing with Watch Dogs: it was difficult to do everything at the right level, which is why we took more time."

Raynaud went on to explain that the studio is already looking to address the flaws of Watch Dogs, promising a "radical" approach to gameplay and storyline.

"There are flaws, obviously. We absolutely want to tackle these flaws and surprise players, and the way to tackle some of those flaws is going to be quite radical. There are parts of the game that will need to change," he explained. "We have this ambition to have games that are worlds with systems that offer more agency and freedom for players, that allow them to discover the world in the way they want. We want them to be less narrative or character driven and more creative, with more choices for the player."

He noted that this was "quite a high ambition," also explaining that it would require the studio to "develop technologies" they didn't have for the first game.

"...this combined with fixing and refining what worked well is probably the way to go for Watch Dogs 2," he said.

New Jersey was teased as a possible setting for the Watch Dogs sequel after a mysterious Tweet from Ubisoft, although this has not yet been confirmed.

It is said that the game will add nine locations: Tokyo, Singapore, New York, Dubai, San Francisco, Silicon City, Stockholm, Beijing, and London. It was reported that New York and New Jersey will be added too.

Gamer surveys have shown that the first version needs to improve over several areas such as more weapons, more quests, and more gameplay features. Ubisoft developers have hinted that more destructive weapons will be included in "Watch Dogs 2." In addition, the sequel will rival the upcoming "Grand Theft Auto V" in terms of graphics, plot, storyline, locations, side-missions, and users' activities. A Bold Claim!

Will Aiden Pearce return as the main protagonist?

In short, we don't know. In the same interview above CVG inquired into whether or not players will be playing as Aiden or will we see another character taking his place. As it turns out, Guillemot isn’t entirely sure whether Pearce will return, not because he is keeping it a secret but because he actually doesn’t know.

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