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Kingdom Hearts 3

After flying through the internet for hours upon hours to uncover some new information on Kingdom Hearts 3 for this article, instead I found myself uncovering videos, music and images that were beautifully returning me to the sensations I had while exploring the first two games as a child. Not only original material, but material that was poured over by devoted fans.

I've found outpours of devotion and love by fans for Square Enix's extraordinary accomplishments with these two unique games. One particular piece of fan-made material had such an impact on so many of the commenters that I thought I'd should share it with other fans of the series. Rather than a new video, some new concept art or anything like that, this is a beautiful rendering of the 'Dearly Beloved' theme song as an imagined title screen opening for Kingdom Hearts 3 for Xbox One and PS4 when it hits its release date.

As you progress through the article keep the video playing, or simply sit back and relax to the glorious sounds of Mattia Cupelli's restructuring of Yoko Shimomura's theme.

There is a tremendous sense of nostalgia that this piece evokes. It is a testament to the composition style of Japan's greatest composers, something that is always 'otherworldy' and light. It takes me back to moments of gazing at my favourite Disney characters coming to life on screen in a world where I could interact with them.

The fact that this guy on YouTube can do such great work with this piece of music only heightens my ambitions for the score in Kingdom Hearts 3. The tone that these games have set have been vital to their success, transporting us to a realm that fans have revisited over and over.

Of course, I'm being overly sentimental about these games, but then aren't we all sentimental about the things which impacted us as a child? If you guys could share your thoughts and feelings and even memories regarding Kingdom Hearts that would be awesome! I just wanted to create a small space in which fans could reflect upon their interactions with these little gems.

Fan Art Kingdom Hearts 3
Fan Art Kingdom Hearts 3

What is it that makes Kingdom Hearts great for you? Was it its combat, its characters, its story? Be sure to let me know in the comments! Kingdom Hearts 3 isn't too far off and I'm sure you're all waiting with baited breath to catch a glimpse of how Sora will look on NextGen. I'll keep an eye out for any news on the series!


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