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There are theories all over the internet about the movie Frozen, but I am bringing one up that most people over look is the Frozen, Tangled, Tarzan, and Little mermaid.

Frozen takes place in Arendelle which is a country that is based in Norway, the Little Mermaid is based on in the waters of Denmark, and the kingdom where Rapunzel takes place is in Germany.

from the map above someone can see how all the countries are close together. Back in the time with kingdoms it was accustomed for surrounding kingdoms to attend weddings, coronations, or funerals.

At the end of Tangled we leave Flynn Rider and Rapunzel to plan a wedding. But remember in Frozen when Anna and Elsa's parents went on a two week journey? Well if we go back up to the map Between Norway and Germany that could be about a two week journey by boat.... Ummmm makes us think. Of course there is the sad moment when the boat is shipwreck and the parents "die"

Now would be a good time to bring in the Little Mermaid.

Remember the ship that Ariel searches for lost things well some people believe that this might actually be the ship of Anna and Elsa's parents. The ship has to go right in front of Denmark where the Little Mermaid supposedly is based.

Going back a couple years after the ship is wreaked and we are in time for Elsa's coronation, when Anna starts the song about the first time in forever, and runs out of the castle doors. we see something, or someone.

Yes you are correct that is Rapunzel from Tangled above like 3 feet away from Anna. But how?????

well remember when I said that its about a two week journey from the two kingdoms. Its only right that Rapunzel and Flynn Rider go to Elsa's coronation after there parents die on the way to a royal wedding.

where does Tarzan come in?????

Tarzan's parents                                                              Anna and Elsa's Parents
Tarzan's parents Anna and Elsa's Parents

Did the King and Queen of Arendelle really die on that ship wreak?!?! Fourth part of this theory.... Tarzan is actually the brother of Anna and Elsa. How ever long they were on the Island that the movie Tarzan is from than. Facial hair could have grown for the Father and the mothers hair could get longer.

That is the end of this theory..... I didn't write or come up with this theory.


Do you agree with this theory?


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