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At least that is what the latest Internet ramblings would have us believe. According to Batman On Films Bill Jett Ramey, he figured the first teaser for the hotly anticipated DC Entertainment sequel would come some time in the Spring of 2015.

Yet, it looks as though he may be wrong.

Insiders close to the film have informed Mr. Ramey that the first teaser trailer for Batman v Superman is complete and ready to go! Apparently, it is rather Batman Heavy and will be shown alongside a November or December film release (and online). At this time, Mr. Ramey reveals he does not know which film the teaser will be attached to, however, he does point out that the next installment in the Hobbit franchise is being released on December 17th, 2014 by Warner Bros' sister company New Line.

Yet, some DC Comics fans may ask: Isn't that a little early for a film that won't hit theaters until the Spring of 2015? Well, if the teaser is indeed released in November or December, the film is only about 15-16 months away from release and not a full two years. Also, Mr. Ramey reminds us that the sequel has been filming for a while now, so there is probably a good amount of material to choose from for a potential teaser. Also, it is entirely possible that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment may want to release the trailer early to take some of the wind out of the promotions for Marvel's Age of Ultron.

(Source: Batman On Film)

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