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Amongst the slate of upcoming DC Entertainment films announced a few weeks back was a solo Wonder Woman movie, something some fans thought would never, ever get off the ground.

Well, it's happening, and Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are moving full speed ahead with the project, which is slated to hit in 2017, after Gal Gadot portrays the Amazonian Princess in the Spring 2016 Man of Steel sequel, Batman v Superman!

Now, Forbes is reporting that the studio is looking for a female director to helm the standalone superhero film. Apparently the last two days have brought with them a flurry of speculation, rumors, and reports that Warner will indeed hire a female filmmaker for Wonder Woman, with one particular director being easily the most mentioned - Kathryn Bigelow.

The Zero Dark Thirty director has long been a fan-favorite to take on any Wonder Woman production, and no doubt Warner has kept her in mind and would be quite happy to have Bigelow aboard. Putting her name and reputation with a Wonder Woman project seems like a clear home run.

However, since Bigelow hasn't made a fantasy/sci-fi leaning picture in nearly 20 years, she may be an unlikely get for the studio. But, in all honesty, if Warner wanted her that badly, they could offer her a deal too good to pass up.

Sources have also informed Forbes that four other names have currently come up to potentially direct the project. These include: Catherine Hardwicke (Tombstone), Mimi Leder (Almost Human), Karyn Kusama (Girlfight) and Julie Taymor (The Tempest). They also reveal Michelle MacLaren and Tricia Brock have also been mentioned in connection with a future superhero film believed to be Wonder Woman.

Since the film won't be out for a while, chances are good more names will enter the race between now and the 2017 release date. What are your thoughts on this list? Anyone standing out above the rest? Is there someone else you feel should take up the director's chair? Feel free to share and let us know!

More info will be released as it becomes available! Stay Tuned!

(Source: Forbes)

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