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The Cookisition started off as an idea here Tumblr only four weeks ago and stemmed purely from the desire of the BioWare/DA fan base wanting to express their deep appreciation and gratitude for everything you do

Project BioWare Num-Nums officially started on October 8th at 4:30pm. It’s goal was to raise enough money ($620), in order to purchase the BioWare devs a gigantic bundle of cookies and other sweets from an amazing, Edmonton based bakery. All of the money was raised in under 5 hours time.


The goodies have been ordered and are being delivered to BioWare Friday, November 7th, between 10-11am MDT (12-1pm EST / 9-10am PDT).

EVERYONE (whether you donated or not!!!) is welcome to come and join the Cookisition! Don’t be afraid to get creative and show the BioWare Devs your appreciation however you see fit. Videos, art and text submissions are all acceptable.

Sample Submission, from
Sample Submission, from

PLEASE NOTE: All submissions will be reviewed. Anything containing negative/hostile remarks will not be posted. This site is about love not war, man! Submissions must be in by November 6th at Midnight.

Is tumblr not really your thing? You can use and share your love for BioWare on Twitter! WHAT?! WHAT?!?!?

Thank you to everyone that has participated thus far and remember: we are now- THE COOKISITION!


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