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With the incredible story of how The Walking Dead's Laurie Holden participated in a covert operation to free 55 Columbian sex slaves, it's worth taking a look at the amazing heroics that some of our favorite actors and actresses have performed to help out their fellow humans. It's enough that they portray characters we love, but what makes me fall in love with an actor or actress is their humanity in real life. Many of them are rich and successful - something that often comes with an air of haughtiness and less concern for the unfortunate - but that mold is constantly broken by acts like these.

1. Harrison Ford

This is one of my favorite stories, especially because Ford has done it more than once: The Indiana Jones actor regularly participates in rescue missions and uses his real-life skills as a trained pilot (step aside, Han Solo) to do so. He'll often pilot his helicopter or private plane through the mountains nearby his home, and outwards into the midwest. One instance took place back in 2001, when he saved a 13-year-old Boy Scout who was lost in Yellowstone National Park, which sounds pretty similar to Indy's childhood as portrayed in The Last Crusade.


2. Kate Winslet

While she couldn't really rescue Jack (despite there being A TON of room for him, seriously) Winslet showed that she was perfectly capable of saving lives in the wake of Hurricane Irene. The Divergent star was taking shelter at Sir Richard Branson's home in the Caribbean when a bolt of lightning caused the house to go up in flames. Thinking on her feet, Winslet hauled Branson's 90-year-old mother, Eve, into her arms and carried the woman to safety.

3. Ryan Gosling

Hey girl... maybe you should put that camera down and call for help.

While the people who filmed this video may not have the heart of gold that he does, Ryan Gosling dropped everything (including a shopping bag more than likely filled with really pricey stuff) in the middle of busy SoHo to break up a fight between two men over a painting. Oh, NYC - your street fights are always so much like a movie.

Gosling spotted the scuffle and put himself directly between the two men, causing the aggressor to put his hands up immediately and walk away. You go, Gosling.

4. T.I.

The rapper-actor who will be appearing in Marvel's [Ant-Man](movie:9048) is responsible for saving the lives of two people from the turmoil of suicide. Creed frontman Scott Stapp jumped from the balcony of his room at Miami's Delano hotel during a depression-and-drug-fueled haze. T.I. found Stapp, who had fractured his skull, broken his hip and couldn't move, and took quick action to get the singer help.

In 2010, T.I. recorded a video on the fly to talk a fan out of jumping off of a 22-story-building. “Nothing is that bad. Nothing in life is worth taking your life,” T.I. told the man “I’m here to help you. Please come down to talk to me."

5. John Barrowman

Former Captain Jack Harkness and present-day Arrow antagonist, Barrowman heard a woman in a nearby hotel room screaming for help after an intruder broke into her room in November of 2011. Barrowman helped hotel security chase after the intruder, and after the assailant punched a hotel staffer, Barrowman caught him by the ankles and dragged him to the ground.

But wait, there's more! Barrowman found out that the intruder, a teenage boy, was struggling with drug-related problems and made efforts to help the teenager by offering him a job on the staff of a play that Barrowman was doing that summer. You're a real-life Disney Prince, Captain.

6. Steve Buscemi

After the horrible events of 9/11, the actor, who formerly served as a firefighter, returned to NYC's Engine 55 to work multiple 12-hour shifts, sifting through the rubble and searching for survivors. Say what you will about the actor's eyes, but he's got a great heart, and putting yourself back in action when your country needs you is extremely admirable.

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger

The former Governator and long-time action hero went into full awesome mode when he saw a man who was having trouble swimming nearby him in 2004, because of complications with cramping. Schwarzenegger pulled the man and all of his equipment over 100 yards back to safety in Maui. I guess Arnold's pretty strong or something - who knows?

Are there any celebrity hero stories that stand out to you? Post them down in the comments below!


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