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It's safe to say you can't beat originals, the likes of Bruce Wayne, Oliver Queen and Peter Parker but that doesn't mean that alternate superheros aren't the bomb, because they are. Sometimes, alternate heroes are the preferred choice! Not for me, but I can see why some people would make that argument. I mean, Batman Beyond is just the definition of cool. Here's the list!

6. Superman: Red Son

Superman: Red Sun is an interesting idea proposed by author Mark Millar. His idea was, "what if superman had been raised in the Soviet Union?". Well if you've ever wondered, just read this three-issue series made in 2003 that welcomed good reviews globally. You may find this cool costume familiar as it featured as DLC in the hit game 'Injustice'.

5. Dark Claw

Dark Claw is an extremely cool idea that every fan-boy dreams about. In the 90's, Marvel & DC showcased their superheroes against each other and also combined some popular characters on either side. Dark Claw is the genius mix of the two ever-so-badass Wolverine and Batman. This guy is insane, and definitely one of the coolest alternate heroes ever!

4. John Stewart Green Lantern

John Stewart is an alternate version to the other Green Lantern; Hal Jordan, but has proved to be incredibly popular! He first appeared in 1971 and has been ever present since. I gotta admit, John Stewart is the guy I think first when I think of the amazing Green Lantern. So kudos to Neal Adams to making an awesome character.

3. Miles Morales Spiderman

Like everybody knows, there are tons of different versions of Spiderman. They are all pretty damn cool. I personally love the likes of: Noir Spiderman, 2099 and Ben Reily Spiderman. The coolest of them all though (by far) is the incredibly popular Miles Morales. Known from Ultimate Comics, this character was created by Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli. For this character they drew inspiration from Barack Obama and since his introduction in 2011, Spiderman fans have adored him ever since! Don't be surprised to see a movie with this guy in the next 10 years.

2. Carrie Kelley (Dark Knight Returns)

Fans of The Dark Knight Returns will be all to familiar with this witty, charming character from the immensely popular graphic novel (and movie). Recent reports have linked this version of Robin to appear in Batman v Superman which would be awesome! It's gotta happen, it would be so interesting to see who they would cast for such a great character!

1. Batman Beyond

Batman + the future. Where are the flaws? Correct, there are none. This character is insanely cool and posses one of the coolest superhero costumes ever made! The popularity of this character isn't just based on how cool he is though, the animated series with this character is frantically popular and why not? It's fantastic. I'm not sure if I'll ever see a movie with this guy in my lifetime, but I sure hope I do.

So who are your favorites? Have I left out your favorite? Comment below who you think is the best and don't forget to vote your favorite and follow me on my page!


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