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UPDATE: The recent SONY hack fallout has revealed some really interesting insider talk about the direction of SPIDER-MAN franchise and its future, i.e. reboots, adult Spider-man story lines, Kraven's Last Hunt. Plus the confirmation regarding the talks between Marvel and Sony regarding the sharing of the character, the below theory may have SOME credence....

With all the rumors bouncing around the interweb regarding a potential deal between Marvel and Sony to "share" the cinematic adventures of Peter Parker and Spider-man, there may be a solution where both companies get to have their cake and eat it too. Mmmmm cake.

I posit that Sony keeps and continues building their Spidey-verse with Peter Parker, while Marvel introduces Miles Morales as Spider-man in their cinematic universe. Two birds one stone.

and a darn good one to boot.
and a darn good one to boot.

This would allow Marvel to capitalize on the world renowned brand that is SPIDER-MAN without being caught in the entanglements of an already established storyline and universe. Plus they avoid retelling an origin story that has been seen on the big screen twice if they were to reboot the character to their universe. Miles Morales gives Marvel a fresh take on the hero while still fulfilling potential character driven story lines (i.e. swapping out Peter Parker for Miles Morales in a Civil War storyline).

The benefit for Sony would be the opportunity to share in the cash windfall that would come from allowing Marvel to use "Spider-man." Plus, working with Marvel to create a better cinematic product may just deliver the type of returns they are eager for ($700+ million). Partnering with Marvel would help immeasurably.

Just throwing it out there to see if it sticks to the wall.

Have Fun.


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