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Zach Dirksen

So, after watching Constantine tonight I was reminded of Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming Justice League Dark adaptation. As of right now, a script is being written by Del Toro, but production has yet to begin. Guillermo Del Toro's got a lot on his plate recently, what with Crimson Peak and a Pacific Rim sequel on his docket. So, why not hand over Del Toro's Justice League Dark script to someone who's worked with Del Toro's writing before, well-known, and has been raking in cash for Warner Bros. for years? Ladies and Gentlemen, present to you: Mr. Peter Jackson.

There are a number of reasons, besides those mentioned above, why this is a great idea. Guillermo Del Toro has mentioned that he wants to put Etrigan the Demon (who, by the way, is supremely underrated) into the movie. Can you imagine if Jackson either got his good friend (and master of playing things that aren't human) Andy Serkis to motion capture him? Or, what if a practical costume similar to the Orc costumes was made by Weta Workshops could be produced for a character? In either method, this would look really cool in real life.

And this guy isn't even a villain...
And this guy isn't even a villain...

Overall, I think a Peter Jackson directed Justice League Dark Movie would be a great choice, with excellent cinematography, awesome special effects, and an overall dark fantasy feel that Del Toro and Jackson are known for. Just as long as they don't make it into an unnecessary trilogy.


What do you think? Could Peter Jackson be a good choice to direct Justice League Dark?


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