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Lost Boys:The Thirst is a horror film directed by Dario Piana, that stars Corey Feldman, Tanit Phoenix, and Jamison Newlander. It is the second sequel to the vampire horror film The Lost Boys that was made in 1987. It is the third and final film in The Lost Boys trilogy. I am a huge fan of the first movie. In my opinion it was a great movie. I like the trilogy but i have to say the first one was by far the better film. Both sequels are pretty good but don't even come close to being as good as the first one. That being said I would recommend giving both sequels a shot. Some people absolutely hated the sequels but, I personally think they are decent. If you haven't ever seen them I recommend giving them a try, especially if you are a fan of the first one like I am. This film does have somewhat of a twist at the end. This movie was filmed in South Africa. It began filming in November 2009. In this sequel Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander reprise their role as the Frog Brothers, Edgar and Alan. It was released as a direct-to-video film. Warner Premiere set the release date for both the DVD and Blu-Ray on October 12th 2010. It received negative reviews and has a 0 rating on Rotten Tomato. There is a scene in the film where Zoe mentions Santa Carla and Luna Bay, which was the settings for The Lost Boys and Lost Boys:The Tribe. One smart thing they did with this one was getting away the pointless romance that was in The Tribe. There was a love interest for Edgar, but that takes a backseat to all of the bloody gory vampire killing. The movies self awareness is both it's strong suit and pitfall. It's passable and watchable action packed schlock will keep true fans of the series smiling. If you are true fan then you should really check it out. All in all it was a decent movie. But this is just my opinion, no one else may not agree with me lol. Its worth giving it chance. Of course I love The Lost Boys. I guess that's the main reason I like the sequels. Comment and give me your honest whether you like this film or hate it. I want to hear everyones opinions. I appreciate you checking out my review. I am still new at this, so just continue to check out my reviews, it is highly appreciated. I would appreciate anyone who would like to follow me. I will be doing more and more reviews as I get more used to the process. Feel free to recommend a movie for me to review. Any ideas on movies to review are totally welcome and would be highly appreciated. Thanks again for viewing. I will have another review really soon, so if you know a movie you want me to review shoot me a line and I will do a review. It doesn't have to be just a horror film it can be any genre. I like all genres, horror just happens to be my favorite genre. Thanks so much for checking out my reviews, it is totally appreciated. Another review coming soon. Later.


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