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With the pictures of Jena Malone appearing on set of Batman V Superman and the fact that she just died her hair, has fans wondering who she might be playing. Most have assumed that she could be Carrie Kelly and while that would be interesting to see on the big screen (since she was one of the only good things to come out of that story) I have a different theory about this.

Take a look at MS. Malone in that picture above.

Okay now put some brainy-specs on her.


Red hair? Specs? She's twenty nine years old? Seem familiar? No? Well imagine her in a wheelchair.

IF you are still confused, then I'll say that she could be the perfect choice for one of the greatest characters to come out of the Bat-Family other than Tim Drake. None other than Barbara Gordon AKA Oracle.

Jena Malone as Oracle
Jena Malone as Oracle

With the character's popularity growing quite a bit in the comics and in the Batman Arkham Series, I wouldn't be surprised if Oracle is involved at one point.

Oracle came into the story WAY into Batman's career. Batman is in his early forties in the film and is confirmed to be a veteran.

To me the timeline, the actress, and the possibility works.

What are your thoughts on this theory? Tell me in the comments down below! MOVIE NERDS ASSEMBLE! Still working on a catchphrase...


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