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eric fisk (firefighter865)

Three weeks into the new Arrow season and I have to say this is one of the best seasons so far. With the Undertaking story past and the new Arrow team in place, where can Arrow go from here? It goes up and starts building upon a bigger universe and providing nuggets that every comic book fan yearns for.

This season we start looking forward to what is speculated as the entry of the new Black Canary, Wildcat and Speedy. Let's not forget about the debut of Ray Palmer into the story line that makes all of us wonder if The Atom will be introduced into the world of Starling City. Back in season 2 we had Barry Allen, The Flash, introduced to a great number of fans to excited cheers that helped turn that cameo into a full time series that promises cross-over chances between both series.

I am excited to begin season 3 of [Arrow](series:720988) and to dive deeper into the world that has become a fan favorite for two years now. A world that has been visited only in comic books is now real to its fans as we watch it week after week. I will enjoy seeing its growth over the coming season and where the world takes us.

What do you think of Season 3 so far? Let me know below and I will respond to your comments.


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