ByBrookie Campbell, writer at
Brookie Campbell

One of the most talked about horror films of 2014 is headed to DVD and VOD this December.

Kingdom Come is the latest film from Greg A.Sager, director of fright-classic Devil Seed. The film has been well-received internationally, with US audiences anticipating the release since the film - shot in a real mental hospital! always creepy! - was acquired for distribution by local distrib Uncork'd Entertainment.

The film tells of a group of strangers wake up disoriented and soon find themselves being stalked by a supernatural force with sinister intentions. As they begin to question the coincidences that link their pasts, they soon realize that the decisions they make will seal their fates forever.

To hold you over until the NA release, there's stills, a trailer, and lots of info on the film at the official website.

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