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As we all should know by now DC gave us a list of all of their upcoming movies to 2020. The last movie in that list is the reboot of Green Lantern. I have been wondering who could do well as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern or even Jon Stewart/Green Lantern. Here are the people I think can do well as Green Lantern.


  • Ryan Reynolds

Now I know that a lot of people did not enjoy the Green Lantern film but I don't think it was Ryan Reynolds fault, I think he made a good Hal Jordan. Now DC and Warner Bros. probably won't pick Reynolds because they want to start fresh and I like that idea a little more because it can give him a chance to do more stuff with Marvel and Deadpool.

  • Chris Pine

Chris Pine does certainly have the acting chops and he can also bring the humor to Hal Jordan because he has played multiple humorous roles and also brought awesome humor to Captain Kirk in the 2 Star Trek movies. I would have rathered him be The Flash though but since Ezra Miller took that spot it leaves Chris Pine to snag the Green Lantern job.

  • Nathan Fillion

This is my personal choice for Hal Jordan. First of all he plays the voice of Green Lantern and second of all he is a great actor. He also looks like Hal and I think he would be the best choice for this role when the 2020 movie comes around.


  • Denzel Washington

We all know Denzel Washington is an amazing actor and a lot of people are rooting for him to become Jon Stewart. He could really pull this off.

  • Common

I've only seen Common in Now You See Me and even know he had a small role he was still good in it. Also for some reason when I see Common I think of Jon Stewart.

  • Idris Elba

Again, my personal choice. I think he is a great actor especially in the Thor movies and he was actually one of the very few good things about Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. He looks like John Stewart and he can probably bring something to Jon Stewart that will make us instantly fall in love with the character.


Who should play Hal Jordan?


Who should play Jon Stewart?


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