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Today in horror movie history marks the anniversary for one of horror's greatest movies, Halloween. To be more specific, it's been 36 years, 432 months, 1,878 weeks, 13,149 days, 315,576 hours, and 18,934,560 minutes since the movie has been released. All of which will have changed by the time you read this. Still, while the franchise is still going strong with plenty of new things in development, I want to point out the greatest things the original Halloween has done for film.

5. Career Starter

With the original Halloween came many things, including the start of careers for stars universally known today. One of those stars being Jamie Lee Curtis, who still looks back on the original film with gratitude, and has starred in 4 Halloween movies in total; most of which are some of the most successful in the franchise. And another is John Carpenter, the legendary film director responsible for many classics, including one of my personal favorites, Big Trouble In Little China. Also, since the originals release, the franchise has become known for being a career starter for many others. Including Paul Rudd, Danielle Harris, and Josh Hartnett. Just to name a few..

4. The Score

The original Halloween is also responsible for one of the scariest and most popular theme songs ever. Played throughout the original many times, it definitely sets the mood for the movie. It's also gone through many variations over the years, from being sampled in songs, to commercials, to other movies, it's everywhere. And it gives Michael Myers a feel of being more like an evil force of nature than anything else. Still played today, it let's audiences know that Michael Myers could be anywhere and everywhere, in my house or your house, it doesn't matter.

3. Responsible For Your Favorite Slashers

That's right! without Halloween, (and with help from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, of course) we probably wouldn't have other slasher icons like Freddy or Jason. Both of which have gotten just as popular as Michael Myers himself. Now (thanks to the original Halloween) when people think of slasher villains, these 3 are almost guaranteed to hit your mind first. And others like Leatherface, Chucky, and Pinhead are a result of this as well.

2. Michael Myers

And speaking of slasher icons, I have to mention on this list, Michael Myers. Of course one of the main attractions in the original Halloween. He can be seen (like many other slashers) year round in many variations. From being referenced in songs, to making comical appearances in movies and television shows, he doesn't seem to be slowing down at all. Or anytime soon for that matter..

1. Changed Horror Movies Forever

Relating to the 3rd point on this list. The original Halloween is responsible for changing the world of horror forever. In this long timeline of horror flicks, you can see the difference in horror movies before Halloween, and horror movies after Halloween. It's not only spawned many successful (and a few not-so-successful) sequels, but made the 80's into arguably the greatest decade for Horror movies.

Still extremely popular today, the original Halloween is responsible for many things in film History, and Michael Myers is still one of the greatest villains of all time, and the franchise itself isn't stopping anytime soon.


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