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Time for part 2!

20) Madam Secretary

Be Téa Leoni from Madam Secretary. Just put on a blonde wig, glasses and business wear with an American flag pin.

21) Detective Duo

Go as a duo and dress as Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott from the new series Stalker. Complete your detective look with black gloves, aviator sunglasses and a trench coat.

22) Electric Earl

Get groovy like Earl with a patterned button down, newsboy cap and some over-sized headphones!

23) Just like Julianna

Slip into a figure-flattering skirt suit like The Good Wife's Alicia Florrick played by Julianna Margulies. Add some delicate jewelry, a sleek side swept hairstyle and the posture to match.

24) Commissioner Reagan

Go to your Halloween party as Frank Reagan, the New York Police Commissioner on Blue Bloods, played by actor Tom Selleck. The key component of course, is his infamous mustache. After that, put on your most dapper suit and a golden pin to show your power.

25) An Extant Astronaut

Dress like Astronaut Molly Woods (Halle Berry) from Extant by wearing a silver flight suit and helmet. Your friends will think you're so out of this world!

26) Host with the Most

Want to dress up like your favorite Survivor host Jeff Probst? Grab a Survivor hat here, a button-up blue shirt, and some cargo shorts! Make sure to use Survivor lingo all night. Examples: "Survivors Ready?" "The tribe has spoken."

27) Go for broke

Want to be Max & Caroline from 2 broke girls for Halloween?

28) Game Changer

Be the 'host' with the most! Wear a suit and some black rimmed glasses - and don't forget your mic, if you want to hit the town as The Price Is Right's host Drew Carey!

29) Oktoberfest Beer Girl

Big Brother 16's Nicole Franzel wore this lederhosen-themed “Germitard" as a punishment for a week during the summer-long competition. The essentials you'd need to pull off this ensemble off include a hat, suspenders, white socks, black boots, a beer stein and a giant German wurst to tote around.

30) British Beauty Sharon Osbourne

Dress like The Talk's very own Sharon Osbourne by wearing a black pant suit, some shimmery makeup and a beautiful ruby red hairdo. Oh, and don't forget the British accent!

31) Geoff, the Skeleton

Get into the Halloween spirit when you dress as Geoff, the skeleton, from The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

32) Secretariat

Planning to go for a full disguise this year? Dress as Secretariat, the horse, from The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Don't forget the blue eyeshadow!

33) Stylin' Sophie

Go for glam with a tight dress, stilettos and a fancy purse and you'll be a sophisticated Sophie!

34) Man in the Suit

Throw on your nicest suit (hold the tie), slick your hair to the right and go as Person of Interest's Reese aka The Man in the Suit.

35) Ooh-la-la Oleg

Throw on a color tank, patterned pants, an apron, a cook's hat and a gold medallion and you've completed your Oleg costume!

36) Bill Spencer

Button up (but leave a deep-V) and don't forget your lucky sword-necklace if you want to be B&B's Bill Spencer!

37) Hans Up

All you need to be Han is a sweater, some argyle and a fanny pack!

38) Nice Vest

After Jane caught Red John his outfit was never the same, goodbye sweet vest.

The decision is yours for Halloween.


Which tv-profile/s would you dress out like on Halloween?


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