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An article by Todd Puhl (Follow on twitter @Dear_Ole_UncleJ) for Droids Canada

I won't lie. I was very excited when I saw the teaser trailer this year. First thing, I am a huge fan of the Rock. I always have been since his days in wrestling and I followed his acting career very closely. Yes, the Scorpion King was a horrible movie, and I am very well aware of that. Every actor in entitled to a few bad movies here and there. In terms of Box office numbers, it did fine. Film cost 100 million to make and made 226 million box office. Brett Ratner’s directed this film. Which is interesting as he has been on a directing hiatus since his last film in 2011, Tower Heist. But looking back at that, it kinda makes a lot of sense since that film was absolutely horrible. The Rock has been on a movie making blitz the last few years with a few highs/lows as he went along.

The teaser trailer that went out was beautiful cut, however like all movie trailers, the best scenes of the movie were in this trailer and everything you want to seen was quickly rushed through the beginning of the film. However the Rock was joined with a strong cast and of course John Hurt as an evil villain warlord? Come on. Its like I have seen this before! V for Vendetta, King Ralph and etc. But who saw that coming?!

The storyline does a quick recap of how Hercules came to be, which back to my previous comment about the trailer, was very short lived. They should have spent alittle more time on the beginning’s of Hercules. It has been a long time since a mainstream film or even TV show (props to Kevin Sorbo). Hercules was also dealing with the guilt of being set up for the murder of his wife and children and originally left his home to become a mercenary. Ultimately after a quick recap, Hercules and his men are approached by Ergenia, on behalf Lord Cotys, who wants Hercules to train the armies of Thrace to defend the kingdom from bloodthirsty warlord Rheseus. Hercules accepts after he and his men are offered gold. After training the army, Hercules and his men lead them into battle against local barbarians as a test of their strength. However after the battle it was learned that Rheseau was not a warlord and Lord Cotys used Hercules to take their land. Hercules and his men stay to right the wrongs they caused. Hercules learns that his King Eurystheus, had him drugged and Hercules family killed due to petty jealousy. And the Rock murders him. Yay!

After some battles, Hercules defeats the army and drops a giant statue of Hera (mommy dearest) on top of King Cotys. He drops a frickin statue on him.

Overall the action in this film was quite decent. Yet again, another film that could have definitely needed more impact close up shots. Hercules is using a giant club as a weapon and there was only 2 shots that made a pop. The opening shot when he hit 5 pirates at once was so poorly done I wondered if it was amateur footage off of an iPhone. The film had a lot of cute funny moments but the way how it was shot and how some of movie was produced made me feel better that I did not see this in theatre. Not the worst movie for The Rock, but it is not the best either. I expected better as action, is his genre of expertise.

In the meantime I am inclined to agree with Rotten Tomatoes and others. 6/10 overall.

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