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(Warning: Speculation not FACTS!)

Earlier this week we were hit with the first trailer of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015). Now obviously for any fan of the MCU this was a big day for us all and I have read several amazing articles here on which deconstructed the trailer clip by clip. However I have some speculations of what I believe we will see in the new Avengers film and what it will lead to after. These are based on internet rumours, the comic books and general observations.

The Unstoppable Ultron

Ultron will be the hardest foe our heroes have faced yet. In The Avengers (2012), the general premise was in bringing our heroes together in defeating Loki and his alien invasion army. However I believe Age of Ultron may take a slightly different root. I think this film will concentrate less on the heroes coming together to overcome Ultron, instead there will be a lot of internal battles as well as battling the unstoppable force of Ultron. However, there may be hope for our team of heroes in one particular member, Hulk.

"There are no strings on me!"
"There are no strings on me!"

The Uncontrollable Hulk

As we gathered from the first Avengers film, Bruce Banner has a firm control over his huge, green counterpart. In a brilliant scene from the The Avengers, Bruce tells Captain America that he was ‘always angry’ and thus being able to transform and control The Hulk at will. However, as we have already established, Ultron is possibly the biggest threat our Avengers have faced and instead of the controlled Hulk, we may need the uncontrollable one. My speculation for the end of Age of Ultron is that Tony Stark convinces Bruce to lose control and to allow the beast to take over. In doing so Hulk will save the day and destroy Ultron. However, this leaves us with a raging, uncontrollable Hulk, smashing and destroying everything and anything in sight. This is where we will see Iron Man’s Hulkbuster suit.

The Hulkbuster

With the Hulkbuster suit, Iron Man/Tony Stark will fight Hulk in the final scenes of the film. Now I don’t believe even with the Hulkbuster, Iron Man will be able to defeat the Hulk, so I feel we may see a storyline from the comics come into play.

In the Illuminati storyline from the comic books, Hulk destroys Las Vegas after Bruce allows the Hulk to take over and becomes unstoppable. Iron Man along with S.H.E.I.L.D. come up with a plan to trick Hulk into a specially built spacecraft and shoot him into space, thus preventing him from causing anymore destruction. Several superheroes (Captain America probably being the main one) are against this as they feel Bruce/Hulk is their friend and ally. They feel they should help Bruce rather than banish him from Earth and this so happens to lead to the first arguments which would later spur the Civil War.


Civil War

While Hulk is away in space we are led to the Civil War storyline (The Third Avengers film). After the devastation left behind by Ultron and Hulk, Tony Stark (having created Ultron in the first place) makes a deal with the government to start the Superhuman Registration Act. This mandatory legislation means that everyone with a Superpower has to register with the government and release their true identity. Captain America opposes this Act, feeling it is against the civil rights of the heroes and thus a war begins between these two opposing factions, one side led by Iron Man and the other side by Captain America.

It is also important to add here that I believe this is why Disney has been in talks with Sony over the purchase of the rights to Spider-Man. Within the Comics, Peter Parker was one of the first people to join Tony Stark and reveal his true identity within Civil War. Not saying this is what is going to happen in the third Avengers film, just a speculation on why Disney are probably so eager for the rights (that and the millions they will make in adding Spider-Man to the Avengers). However I can’t see Sony relinquishing their rights to Spider-Man considering the amount of money they have gained and are likely to gain in the future.

After a great battle between the two opposing sides Captain America is killed (in the comics by Crossbones) by a fellow superhero which will in turn make Tony Stark realise the mistake in his actions (yes Iron Man will probably be the bad character in Avengers: Civil War. Get over it!).

Hulk in Space

A speculation which I have had for a while and which I have also seen several other fans hint to online is that if Hulk is launched into space he will crash land on some distant planet. While in space Hulk will possible meet up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, possibly to help them take on Thanos in the second Guardians of the Galaxy film.

(I do not believe Thanos will be a villain within the Avengers storyline, although he was seen during the final moments of the first Avengers film, I believe he will be the main enemy of the Guardians of the Galaxy and will possibly not appear at all within Avengers: Civil War).

Marvel have already hinted at a Hulk stand alone film (World War Hulk) in 2018. This could possibly see the return of Hulk to Earth shortly after the Civil War storyline, as he takes out his vengeance on those who sent him into space. Thus World War Hulk will possibly be Hulk against the Superheroes who didn’t die in the Avengers: Civil War.

(It is also important to note that Hulk returning to Earth just might be the common course needed to bring all the Superheroes back together at the end of the Civil War).

World War Hulk
World War Hulk

Just Speculation

I would like to add that all this is the speculation of a fan. I have done my research on several story arcs and looked at the way in which the MCU has been going with their films. I have come up with this theory based on several different sources and might be completely wrong.

All the dates and possible future movies are always subject to change so we might see a completely different set of films. If you agree or indeed disagree let me know your opinion and what you think may happen.

Whether or not this theory turns out to be true, I can’t wait to see what the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to offer.


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