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Cosplay is cool. Deadpool is cool. And always a lot of chaotic, fourth-wall-breaking fun. If you go to a convention, you're pretty much guaranteed to see at least 5 or 10 Deadpool dudes (almost always with hoods on) running around, posing for pics, dancing, and getting into various shenanigans with con-goers or each other. It's awesome and usually hilarious - but today I'd like to feature someone a little different.

Cosplay artist Kat O'Brien as Lady Deadpool - that's Wanda Wilson of Earth 3010!

O'Brien recently appeared at Tampa Bay Comic Con, and showed us an awesome shoot of her as Lady Deadpool, photographed by Johnny Montagna and Charles Shorter from E-Mazing Photography.

Can I just say that my favorite thing about this is the fact that she kept the hood off - and recreated Deadpool's facial lesions? It's a cool step that you don't see in a whole lot of cosplayers (easier to keep the hood on and not mess around with makeup) but it's important to Deadpool's character, and I love to see that dimension recreated. What can I say, sick (meaning 'cool' as well as 'unwell') characters being awesome is important.

Now enjoy the rest of the shoot!

Aw look, Deady-Poo found some friends!


What do you think of this cosplay?


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