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So today I've got something even better than good cosplay. I've got good cosplay with a hidden surprise that made me laugh really hard and choke on my water when I saw it. To quote an appropriate internet phrase, when you see it...

But first, let's appreciate the cosplayers themselves. I found this on cosplay artist Yurippe, AKA SashiMeow's tumblr, and that's them cosplaying Corporal Levi from the anime Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) at Harucon in Brazil. Their boyfriend is Captain Erwin, and they both have done a really great job in recreating the Survey Corps uniforms and gear.

Nice job recreating the 3D maneuver gear and titan-slaying blades, really nice.

But then the fun starts. The cosplayers are in a relationship, and looks like they consider Erwin and Levi to be more than just friends too. Here's some kisses...

And then a shared pocky stick. Aww.

But what's this? Do you see it?

Computer, magnify view by 50%!

"Now what's... what in the... what the ding-dong is going on here?" asks Confused Pikachu Ninja Boy. He's got a mysterious expression, looking equal parts baffled and intrigued. Or perhaps bittersweet. Maybe he feels left out, hand reaching for someone to take it, and share a pocky stick with him as well. Poor Confused Pikachu Ninja Boy. We share your pain.

So there you have it. Cool cosplay, plus reaction shot! Life reacting to art, or something profound like that. In the end, aren't we all Confused Pikachu Ninja Boy, watching the kissing cosplayers of life?

Or maybe I just had too much coffee this morning. You be the judge!


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